Regular Program

The program has 8 levels and each level is for three months (12 classes). The classes are conducted once a week for 2 hours. Each class is interactive and focuses on curriculum mentioned in the grid below. The books are children friendly and home work is well laid out to ensure daily practise by the children.

To ensure effectiveness of the program we recommend parents spending 15 minutes every day with the child to complete the homework.
The faculty at the end of each class would brief the parents on the concept that was taught in the classroom.

Our Program is focussed on Overall Development by enhancing the skills using abacus, application of skills by incorporating exercise in each class, competency and personality development to meet the future competitive needs.


Curriculum Skills Developed
Mathematical calculation using abacus or mental arithmetic
  • Concentration
Brain Gym Exercises
  • Visualization
Speed Test
  • Memory
Oral Dictation
  • Observation
  • Information Processing and Speed
  • Listening Skills
  • Imagination
  • Creative Thinking


That’s not all the child personality also needs to be developed to meet the future competitive needs.

Curriculum Personality Development
Group Discussion, Role Plays and Public Speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Confidence
  • Human Awareness
Quote, Moral Stories and Role Model
  • Self Motivation
  • Integrity
  • Develop Leadership Qualities
  • Attitude Formation
Group Activities
  • Team Work
  • Make Decision
  • Solve Problems
  • Reasoning