Our Methodology

A significant amount of research has been done in the area of whether or not a child’s IQ can be raised. Traditionally, researchers believed that the intellectual level that you were born with remains the same throughout a lifetime. However, research now shows that mental processes can be improved by a number of very simple tasks. One of the most effective ways to stimulate a child’s mental processes is by using a technique called abacus and solving different types of mathematical puzzles. Another important component to increase your child’s brain power is simply by playing games and exercises that improve brain power. We at “Train Your Brain”, use numbers to enhance the productivity of the brain. In initial levels children use abacus and later they visualize abacus to do mental arithmetic. Our Program is focussed on Overall Development by enhancing the skills using abacus, application of skills by incorporating exercise in each class, competency and personality development to meet the future competitive needs.